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La référence mondiale de la modélisation de vêtement. Maintenant en location annuelle qui vous permet de toujours avoir la dernière version.



A votre service depuis 2007.


Livraison 48 à 72h, hors stations de travail.

.Cut Pattern : Cutting patterns in 2D is now available. Discover your creativity with this pattern cutting feature.  

2.Offset as Internal Line :Input specific measurements to offset patterns and segments as Internal Lines

3.Fold Arrangement :  Fold seam allowance, collars, and cuffs in the 3D Window before Simulation is activated.

4. Direct Positioning : Use the Direct Positioning tool to easily arrange patterns and OBJs on the Avatar and garment.

5. Sewing Line Type: Apply the Turned Sewing Line Type setting to achieve a folded, two-ply look.

6. Side Geometry :  Apply and adjust the curvature of pattern edges, and/or express hems with facing. 

7.Align : Align point, lines to the vertical (X) and horizontal (Y) axis.

8.Round Corner : Round Corner performs the rounding of the edges and corners of 3D shapes along a 2D profile

9.UV Guidelines: UV Guidelines can be displayed and it lets you view and interactively edit the UV.

10.Avatar Size Measurement: There are two methods to obtain the avatar’s length measurement. The Basic Length Measurement method takes a straight measurement, while the Surface Length Measurement method takes a measurement by following the curves of the avatar’s surface. A Height Measurement function, that takes the avatar’s height measurement from the avatar’s height and the ground, is also provided.

11.Coordinate Gizmo : Coordinate Gizmo in Select, Move, Rotate mode.  

12.Import Camera in FBX format :You may import camera in FBX format.

13. Auto-Synchronize :Changes in a Patterns can be automatically synced and activated to the 3D garment window.
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